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Local pawn shop gives gift of music for Christmas

Written by LaSaundra Brown

Jim Clarke, better known as “Pappy” of Pappy’s Pawn Shop, keeps his place rocking with guitars, flutes, violins, and trumpets. His pawn shop looks a lot like a music store. It’s filled with all types of instruments. If you look around, it’s obvious Pappy has a passion for music. For him, loving music also means sharing it with others.

The National Pawn Brokers Association contacted pawn shops all around the country, asking them to donate musical instruments to local schools in their area. Pappy is donating a host of instruments to Knox County Schools.

“They’ve been underfunded this year and there are a lot of students that want to play and they don’t have the instruments to play,” Pappy says. “You want to plant that early seed and get them playing you know, cause it will really help with some frustrations.” Read the full article…

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