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Pappy’s Song to Students

Pappy Clarke from Pappy’s Pawn in Knoxville, TN was recently featured on his local TV News Station as a Gift Day donor.

In addition to making a generous donation to local schools, Pappy wrote this touching song, and it is with his permission that we post it below:

Let me tell the story- I can tell it all
About a local pawnshop
That came to give it all,
to those needy students,
covering our land,
Who want to play an instrument
If they had it in their hand.
Money’s gotten tighter,
In these past few years,
You can see the disapointment
In our childrens tears.
But if we come together
Like the Beatles said
We can bring much joy
and put music in their heads.
And it’s for students, students
All across this land
Dust off that old instrument
And put it in their hand.
Students, students
Let’s give to those who need
Give the gift of music
And plant that early seed!

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