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Pawn Shops Team Up for Musical Instrument Gift Day today

Pawn shops in 17 states across the country are joining forces this holiday season to provide underprivileged children with hundreds of musical instruments. The National Pawnbrokers Association, who is sponsoring the event, has christened the effort Musical Instrument Gift Day, and the program is designed to put musical instruments into the hands of children who need them the most.

This effort is part of a larger program held in honor of St. Nicholas Day – Patron Saint of Pawnbroking – and National Pawnbrokers Day, December 6. Pawn shops across the country are organizing donation drives to supply badly needed musical instruments to local charity organizations and schools who, due to drastic budget cuts in state education funds, can’t supply enough instruments to form a small band. For more information on this effort, visit www.GiftDay.org.

Pawn shops traditionally have a history of donating musical instruments and awarding scholarships to support the young members of their communities. On December 1, Georgia’s Governor Sonny Perdue met with pawnbrokers from around the state to take part in the National Pawnbrokers Association’s Musical Instrument Gift Day. At least 8 Georgia pawn shop owners pledged over 70 instruments to donate to the Charles R. Drew Charter School, located in a troubled suburb of Atlanta. Read the full article…

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