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Champion Middle School in Columbus, Ohio & Uncle Sam’s Pawn

Rep. of Champion Middle School holding a donated trumpet at Uncle Sam's Pawn Shop

Uncle Sam’s Pawn Shop in Columbus, Ohio has made a generous contribution to Champion Middle School. Read the full story here.

The Columbus middle school was given at least 40 instruments free of charge.

They are gifts from Uncle Sam’s Pawn Shop on Main Street in downtown Columbus.

Much of the store is a music museum, and for all the instruments you see on the display floor, there are several more in the back that you don’t. Andrew Klinger, who is currently running Uncle Sam’s, said his business is giving several dozen of those instruments away.

They have the supply; a Columbus school had the demand.

“There is a school that is six years old…Champion Middle School, that is in need of a music program,” said Klinger.

“I cannot even begin to tell you,” said Stephanie Bland, the principal of Champion who was trying to put into words what the gift will do for the school.

Thousands of dollars worth of musical instruments will be given to the school.

Here’s what the school needs.

“We need wind instruments, we need brass instruments, we need percussion instruments, we need all instruments,” the principal said.

Here’s what they’re going to get.

“We’re offering drum sets, we’re offering flutes, we’re offering saxophones, we’re offering violins. There is, I believe, even a cello in the mix somewhere,” said Klinger.

So as we enter this holiday season, there will be the gift of music to some students at Champion Middle School.

“This is going to open up our program wide open so that our students can be the band people they want to be” said Bland. “The kids will be super excited.”

“We have over 40 instruments that we’re going to donate to make sure these kids have a full-blown orchestra,” said Klinger.

Uncle Sam’s Pawn musical instrument donation photo gallery.

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