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Pawnbrokers Donate Musical Instruments Nationwide

National Pawnbrokers Association Gift Day 2015 Brings Music To Students Through Generous Donations …

National Pawnbrokers Association Gift Day 2015 Brings Music To Students Through Generous Donations from Pawnbrokers

On December 6, 2015, the National Pawnbrokers Association (NPA) celebrated its seventh annual Musical Instrument Gift Day, where pawnbrokers from around the country made donations of musical instruments to organizations in need. This year, NPA has seen an impressive response from pawnbrokers nationwide to the call to give, with donations of musical instruments and monetary gifts that will have a direct, positive impact on young lives for years to come.

Musical Instrument Gift Day was conceived as a way for pawnbrokers to celebrate National Pawnbrokers Day on December 6 by giving back to their communities. They took a note from the example set by St. Nicholas, the patron saint of pawnbroking, whose generosity and compassion is celebrated worldwide. The following “success stories” illustrate how NPA member pawnbrokers are making a difference one musical instrument at a time.

Bob Moulton – National Pawn (Durham, NC)

This is the fifth year in which National Pawn, with pawn stores in Raleigh and Durham, North Carolina, made substantial donations of instruments to five separate North Carolina school districts. This year’s donations total over 500 instruments and $10,000 cash.

“Last year we donated a total of more than 500 instruments and $8,000 to four districts,” said National Pawn’s Bob Moulton, who spearheads the annual donation effort. “This year’s donations will bring the total to more than 2,375 instruments and $38,000 cash since the program began in 2011. There are a lot of kids who are unable to play in the school band. National Pawn recognizes this, and we are proud that we can provide these children the opportunity to participate.”

Douglas Braswell – Braswell & Son Pawnbrokers (Little Rock, AR)

Douglas Braswell, of Braswell & Son Pawnbrokers in Central Arkansas, donated 20 musical instruments to North Little Rock Middle School and provided a $1,000 grant earmarked for instrument refurbishment. Braswell & Son Pawnbrokers has three locations in Conway and Little Rock, Arkansas. Mr. Braswell has made a commitment to contribute to the local community, annually.

“Supporting arts education in our public schools is a top priority for Braswell & Son Pawnbrokers,” said Mr. Braswell. “We believe it’s important for everyone in the community to play a role in fostering a strong education program for our children.”

Eric Modell – Modell Financial (New York, NY)

With eight pawn stores in the New York City metropolitan area, Eric Modell, of Modell Financial, Inc., stepped up to support The Mr. Holland’s Opus Foundation with a generous $1,000 donation.

“Everyone at Modell Loans is excited to know that these funds will help purchase new and refurbished instruments for children and band programs who wouldn’t otherwise have the means to purchase them on their own,” said Eric Modell.

The Mr. Holland’s Opus Foundation donates musical instruments to under-funded schools across the country in an effort to give students the many benefits of music education, help them achieve more in school, and inspire creativity and expression through playing music. Hundreds of thousands of students have benefited and thousands of instruments have been donated to 1,356 school music programs across the country. For more information visit www.mhopus.org.

Additionally, Eric Modell sponsors an annual scholarship that is presented to academically qualified children of career civil service employees of New York City.

Andrew Klinger – Uncle Sam’s Pawn (Columbus, OH)

Andrew Klinger of Uncle Sam’s Pawn Shop in Columbus, Ohio, donated 40 musical instruments to Champion Middle School. Champion Middle School Principal, Stephanie Bland, gave an elated response when interviewed. “This is going to open up our program wide open, so that our students can be the band people they want to be,” she said. “The kids will be super excited.”

The donation, which will keep the band program alive and give students the opportunity to develop their artistic talents, consisted of a wide mix of percussion, wind, string and brass instruments.

Gift Day

December 6th is also National Pawnbrokers Day, which coincides with St. Nicholas Day. Saint Nicholas of Myra is famed for his generosity to the poor and for his penchant for secretly leaving gifts for people in need. St. Nicholas, recognized in America as Santa Claus, was canonized as the Patron Saint of pawnbroking, and his three bags of gold soon became the international symbol of pawnbrokers.

Now in its seventh year, Gift Day has helped members of the National Pawnbrokers Association donate thousands of musical instruments to charity organizations supporting underprivileged children, families, and veterans. It’s never too late to help make a difference in your community. Musical Instrument Gift Day encourages NPA members and all who seek to support public school music education to donate musical instruments and funds to the Mr. Holland’s Opus Foundation year round.

To learn how you can support students’ education and arts enrichment, visit GiftDay.org.

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