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National Pawnbrokers Association Announces Launch of Online Anti-Money Laundering Compliance Training Module

New Online Training Course Provides Precious Metals Compliance Training and Certification for Pawnb…

New Online Training Course Provides Precious Metals Compliance Training and Certification for Pawnbrokers

The National Pawnbrokers Association (NPA) is proud to announce the launch of an online training module for pawnbrokers. In this course, you will learn the fundamentals of anti-money laundering as it pertains to the pawnbroker and dealers of precious metals industry. The course satisfies federal requirements under Title 31 mandating that training be provided and documented. Upon successful completion, participants are issued a certificate of completion.

“As a pawnbroker, there are always questions as to when, why, and how to fill out a Form 8300,” stated Larry Nuckols, NPA President. “The AML Compliance Training Module explains in a clear and concise manner the instances in which Form 8300 is required by law and ensures that pawnbrokers and precious metals dealers are operating in compliance with federal requirements.”

Participants in the course will learn the following:  
How to properly file an 8300
Timelines and reporting of an 8300
OFAC requirements governing your business
Policy/Procedure and record keeping requirements
Suspicious Activity triggers relative to your business
When to file a SAR (Suspicious Activity Report)

This course has been crafted by Robert Frimet, an industry expert in anti-money laundering, as it pertains to trade/business and dealers in precious metals.

The course is now being offered to members of the National Pawnbrokers Association at reduced rates via the association’s website. For more information, visit Nationalpawnbrokers.org/OnlineTraining.

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