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FBL Scholarship Recipient Achieves Goal

Arielle Baker, Doctor of Physical Therapy

Arielle Baker, Doctor of Physical Therapy

Arielle Baker received a scholarship from the Future Business Leaders scholarship program in 2012 when she was sponsored by West Side Pawn in Knoxville, TN. Her childhood dream was to be a professional dancer. But after years of dancing, she had to have knee surgery followed by months of therapy. She then re-focused that dream and set out on a new path to become a physical therapist.

With an undergraduate degree in chemistry, Arielle attended physical therapy school at West Virginia University to accomplish her new dreams. After three years of hard work and determination, she earned the degree of Doctor of Physical Therapy.

“It has been a great honor to realize the potential impact I can make in people’s lives while pursuing a career in which I am very passionate. I would not have been able to develop this passion and make this impact without the assistance of the NPA. They have allowed me to fearlessly strive for greatness in my academic career,” shares Arielle.

Thanks to the NPA scholarship, Arielle was able to set her goals even higher than she ever anticipated. Prior to graduation from physical therapy school, she applied and was selected for a Neurologic Physical Therapy Residency at Virginia Commonwealth University. This residency will allow her to continue developing her skills as a physical therapist in treating patients with neurologic disorders, such as spinal cord injury, brain injury, and stroke. She says, “Throughout my long journey to become the physical therapist that I am today, I thank the NPA for supporting my education and allowing me to shoot for the stars.”

For more information on the FBL scholarship program, visit NationalPawnbrokers.org and click on the Community Relations tab.

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