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Capital Pawn: There’s No Business Like Pawn Business

In an industry where many pawn stores are handed down from generation to generation, Beth and Adam …

In an industry where many pawn stores are handed down from generation to generation, Beth and Adam Anundi are relative newcomers having opened their pawn store just seven years ago. As co-owners and operators of Capital Pawn & Capital Couture in Salem, OR, their entry into the pawn business is an interesting story.

Beth and Adam Anundi

While Adam is a risk-taker, Beth loves structure and stability. As a college instructor, Beth had stability, but Adam worked in the more uncertain construction and mortgage industries. After several years, they began looking at franchise options and opening their own business. They finally agreed that owning a pawn store would be a business where each of them could use their gifts and talents to help others. After opening their store in 2011 and joining NPA in 2012, they quickly became involved in the association. Beth serves on the Membership Committee and both are regular attendees at Pawn Expo.

National Pawnbroker (NP): What differentiates your store from your competitors?
Beth Anundi (BA): The crew at Capital Pawn loves what they do and it is evident as one walks through the doors that they have fun while helping clients. The team functions like a well-oiled machine talking through developments, opportunities, and planning updates.

NP: In your opinion, what are the biggest challenges facing pawnbrokers today and how can they be overcome?
BA: One of the greatest challenges today is the growing number of regulations regarding pawn. The best way to keep updated is to have a consultant come in regularly to train employees and confirm that all measures are being met and maintained; additionally, being an involved member of the NPA and state associations will help combat these challenges.

NP: What advice would you give to someone just starting out in the pawn industry?
BA: Jump in with both feet; be positive and never turn a loan away; always have enough cash. Develop relationships with other owners and visit a multitude of stores to determine what will be best for your store in your market.

NP: What are some of the marketing techniques you use to generate traffic into your store?
BA: We believe in using social media to boost our marketing presence and are organically rated by Google. You can check out our sites at: CapPawn.com, Instagram.com/CapitalPawnSouth, Instagram.com/MyCapitalCouture, and Facebook.com/CapPawn. Having an excellent customer experience policy will also help grow your business by word of mouth.

NP: What is your biggest accomplishment or proudest moment since you became a pawnbroker?
BA: Our son, Elliot Anundi, joined the team this year!

NP: How does your company give back to the community?
BA: Capital Pawn supports several programs at three different local high schools which include baseball, football, and dance teams, their booster programs, and the drug-free, alcohol-free all-night party keeping new graduates safe the night of graduation.

Capital Pawn is also passionate about partnering with One Thousand Soles, a non-profit that provides youth with good shoes offering comfort, confidence, participation, and health. I helped found New Growth Ministries which provides food, shelter, and hope for youth in crisis. This year, New Growth is opening the Santiam Teen Center.

NP: What is the funniest thing that has happened to you since you became a pawnbroker?
BA: On Facebook.com/CapPawn, there is an accidental viral video filmed by Capital Pawn’s manager Bryan Fitzgerald and played out by the assistant manager, Rick Noonan. It has had over 11 million views and was featured on LADbible, Unilad, ViralHog. It may have singlehandedly and unwittingly brought back the Circle Game.

NP: Why is Capital Pawn a member of NPA?
BA: Protecting one’s investments is crucial and our business is one of our greatest investments. One simple way to protect our business is to be an active member of the NPA. It is the same reason we belong to our state association and participate locally.

NP: Tell us something about you and Adam that would surprise us.
BA: People may be surprised that Adam has built three of the homes and remodeled one other we have lived in over the last 18 years. He also happens to be the first generation in the Anundi family to not commercial fish. As for me, I love Disneyland and have spent over 30 days in the parks enjoying the magic of Disney in the last twelve months.

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