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Last fall the NPA Board authorized Team GRC to contract with a tracking service that would allow monitoring of all state legislatures for bills filed that may impact the pawn industry. Some state pawn associations may already have this process in place, but others may not.  

This week initial bill tracking reports were prepared for 28 states and emailed to the contact person the NPA has on record. The list of ‘keywords’ being tracked are: 

  1. Pawn 
  1. Firearms 
  1. Precious Metals 
  1. Secondhand Dealers 
  1. Non-depository Lender 
  1. Small Dollar Loan 
  1. Annual Percentage Rate 
  1. Electronic Transaction Reporting 

We looked at many other terms and phrases but narrowed the list to get this program going. In the last 2 weeks I have reviewed nearly 1,000 hits generated from the above list. It takes a lot of time to filter out the keyword hits that are not pawn related. The firearms bills are overwhelming and, for instance, if a bill is about what kind of firearm could be used to turkey hunt in a state…I saw it and did not track it.  

This is not foolproof, but we are working to the best of our ability to provide NPA members and state associations with another tool to add to and augment the monitoring that you may already be doing. If you did not receive a report this week, consider yourself lucky…for now. 

Best regards, 

Fran Bishop, NPA Team GRC 

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